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Swanville, United States

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Ekero, Stockholms lan, Ekero, Sweden

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Raleigh, United States

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Glasgow, Scotland, Glasgow City, United Kingdom

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Bayerisch Eisenstein, Germany

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Charlotte, North Carolina, Mecklenburg, United States

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Fults, United States

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Aventura, Florida, Miami-Dade, United States

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39, female, Single

Ballihoca, Turkey

Life is short. Best way to live it is to have nice vegan people around. And be one of those nice people as well ;)

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38, male, Single

Kansas City, United States

I have been working on photography & art collages for many different social events here in the USA for almost over 10 years now. Serious inquiries; If anyone is interested in sharing art, traveling USA, & making friends along the way. Also being spiritually conscious about Dharma & peace teachings from cultures is awesome too. Love to have vegan foods, so have to be accommodating to Vegan Cruelty free lifestyle. Loving kitties is a plus. A dream first date is checking out Chicago for a weekend while sharing a tasty deep dish vegan pizza on Michigan Lake Beach!

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35, female, Single

Letha, United States

I'm vegan for 6 years now, for the animals. I'm a mom of two crazy awesome kids ages 3 and 4. I'm an INFJ.

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32, male, Single

Mound City, United States

Hello my name is marco i dont really kno how to start well i work hard have a nice home great kids not to fast pace like to make sure everything is right first o have only been a vegan six months i love beachs, parks, video games running, jogging, roller blading, and tofu but mostly my kids so i guess if u wanna kno more just msg me

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51, male, Single

Wildcat, United States

Long time vegan looking for others with a similar path

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Heathrow, United Kingdom

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Raleigh, United States

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Gimo, Sweden

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Helsingfors, Sodra Finlands lan, Nyland, Finland

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Riverview, Florida, Hillsborough, United States

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Schweinfurt, Germany

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Lake Worth, United States

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Raleigh, United States

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Ewing, New Jersey, Mercer, United States

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Drewsey, United States

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Point Mugu Nawc, United States

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River Heights, United States

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Banstead, England, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Dartmouth, Canada

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Troy, United States

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Cleveland, United States


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